Saturday, August 25, 2007

pretty day

made some cookies (all from scratch!) earlier this week :

this morning, after only 4 hours from sleep (trouble falling asleep) i wandered to farmers market with laurel and jill and here is what i bought, for a total of $9 :

and a bouquet of flowers that were labeled 'strawberry flowers' at market but when i googled them to find out more about them all i found were the actual flowers that bloom with strawberry plants that are white and yellow! :

i like how they have little circles of smaller, yellow/white blooms in them, it looks like they're each wearing their own wreath of littler flowers on their little heads, you can see it most in the bottom-center flower in this photo :

i also have a stack of 11 croissants (lost one in the process of cutting!) waiting for me at home :

really beautiful out today, especially compared to the nonstop rain we've had for almost a week. and there's just enough breeze to give the lake whitecaps which is great.

i plan on making ratatouille tonight with the eggplant, zucchini and cherry tomatoes from market. i'll stick the recipe in here if it ends up being any good!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

disaster zone

Happy Croissant now available at The link to the right under poor lost bread sites is directly to the Happy Croissant page! It's a really amazing handmade-stuff store, I recommend checking it out!!!

anyway, while looking at pictures, both for inspiration and information of the anatomy of French pastries, I found this and thought it was a pretty good idea :

also made a lot of gocco faces last night, a dozen croissant ones and 1/2 dozen faces that are to be announced (surprise ones!), but in the process broke the screen so i have to order more before i can print any more. luckily that means i have like 16 croissants to make and 6 "mystery items" and a few other things so i'll be fine until i can scrounge up a few gocco light bulbs and screens.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Clean Stove, Toasty Monsieur

Voici, Monsieur Croque Monsieur!

He was created in the midst of me asphyxiating myself with Easy Off Stove Cleaner, and doing laundry in the creeeeepy basement. But he turned out rather nice. Especially his moustache, which was a lot harder than it looks!

I also had another croissant photo shoot for the croissants on the plates Mar got me when her and Mom came up last week :

pretty cute huh?

Well, don't know what's next. Brioche and pain au raisin, pain au chocolat perhaps? Baugettes still too!

Monday, August 20, 2007

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Etsy store is looking (and doing) pretty well!

Here's what my apartment looks like (minus a creme and a croissant who are resting up for their voyage to Canada tomorrow morning!).

I was really excited and tried to make cookies today but I started preheating and discovered that my oven is a coal mine AND a smoke stack.

Bought 2 background music Frenchy records for my show and some old Twilight Zone on VHS today.....

Well I really would write more but I'm very distracted by Jurassic Park right now so I'll really do more tomorrow probably. I just mainly wanted to post some photos!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

chez Adam

- Finished the 4 creme brulées and 6 croissants for Shana Logic. I'll be sure to post the specific URL when they get up on her website!

- Set up sewing station / corner in my new apartment, where I made 4 little French Beignets :

And I plan on spending the rest of the evening making a few croissants and cremes for my etsy store!

Brioche à tête and croque monsieurs are on the drawing board currently! They're going to be really adorable...

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

chez moi

ok so i'm basically all moved in! and i really love it! and i'm really tired of lifting things! and i JUST counted 13 bruises on my leg, just now, in a public place, since i decided to go without internet in my new apartment to save on $$ so i have to go other places to get it.

i bought a vintage swimsuit today (FINALLY!!). it's mustard-yellow with swirls of varying shades of yellow swirly swirled in it, it's sort of way risqué though, b/c there are side panels that are just mesh and the panels extend all the way to dem leg holes so you can see 1/4 the butt on each side which would equal seeing 1/2 my butt when i wear it. aw well. you can see the duckie tattoo which is cool though. and the 'breast cups' are cones of doom which i'm going to have to fix. BUT it is amazing. and as soon as i get a photo of it (on the ground not on me) i'll put it up b/c it's so amazing.

so i'm very excited about that. i also bought an iced skim latte. my step-mum bought a croissant today! i'm already planning on putting that $ towards a neon green Dickie's messenger bag for class--but I'm going to remove the Dickie's tag (I don't like the colors) and put a horsie patch on it instead--is the plan anyway.

Wow this is a weird post.

Umm... my bed is really soft bc I used like 100 of the neighbor's drier sheets they had downstairs in the old house before i moved out! ha HA!

so my mom and Mar are going to be here in 3 hours so I came to Michelangelo's to get (1) coffee and (2) check out some things to do this evening. I'm thinkin : walk to the union and get ice cream and check out the new photography they're spoze to have up of France and Italy AND/OR go to the Simpsons movie BECAUSE it's in this really old and huge and AAMAMMMAAAZIIINNNNGGG theater downtown that i think would make any movie good. so i'm going to call the theater later and make sure it's in the big one or else that's scratched.

ummmmmm woo wooo.
welllll, oh, yea, felts. so i stayed up til 4:30 last night sewing Shana Logic's 6 croissants together, so all I have left now is the hand sewing. Then today I made 6 more croissants for my own purposes, and prep'ed a lot of creme's. then after moving some more shit and getting my hair cut and getting my record player set up I blasted that Christophe record :

and made 4 of the however many creme dishes, also for Shana Logic. So those are actually probably going to get sent off by this weekend! Yay!

Okay. I have to watch that youtube movie now, only in silence b/c it's really quiet here! shh!

ps... is Christophe's fly totally open when they do that ground-shot, looking up at him? umm, totally is. shameful.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

moving I

REMINDER : there are still two little frenchies for sale in my etsy shop! with VELCRO berets! they check on their status more than i do, as you can see...

after working at the museum all day (and being an annoying 8 cents over), i started packing and doing all the laundry i had to do. which was a lot. but now it's all done and i'm not totally packed but it's going to be not as bad tomorrow, giving me time to run and see if i can find a card table and buy some last minute supplies from target.

however, lost bread news : Shanalogic replied that they would like to sell some things there! i probably won't be able to fill the order completely for a week or two, but as you can see, i've already started painting faces on the cremes. this time i left the faces dry before so the paint didn't settle as much and i like them a lot better like this! (i spent 2 hours last night printing over 40 faces on all diff colors of felt so i should be well stocked for awhile!)

Shanologic is out of Michigan but it's an online store so please check it out--but don't worry i'm sure i'll write a 500 word dear-diary-form post about it when it happens. with a lot of omg's.

aren't they cute??

also yesterday i stuck little flushed cheeks on the pies that i'm going to send off to White Rabbit which is in Iowa City.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

creme de la creme de la creme de la creme

sooooo my summer class final went well and now i'm free for 4 weeks (besides working & sewing) until fall classes start!
AND i move in 4 days!
AND went grocery shopping AND discovered they sell 1/2 gallons of strawberry milk! it's like pink gold.

also both the White Rabbit in Iowa City and the individual who bought a croissant from my etsy received their packages which is good. if you are in Iowa City you should go check them out. I'll be sending plum pies there too next week! Exciting!

besides drinking strawberry dairy and getting giddy, i've been working on watercolor-stained, embroidery-thread freckled, creme brulées lately :

Adam + Mlle. Creme 4ever :

but Ortwin (the cashmere-courderoy combination reincarnation) is too busy to appreciate them with Adam's new monster headphones :

Monday, August 6, 2007

lost bread finding its way

(1) sold my first croissant on etsy less than a week after posted! (thanks to flickr publicity)
(2) white rabbit gallery in iowa city, responded SUPER fast, + is interested in my 4 new croissants to sell there!
(3) yay!!!! i'm as happy as a butchered cow.

(really happy!)


7 days

til moving!

my realtor just called to arrange the key drop-off (though i'm supposed to call her Sunday to remind her!).
and now i'm off to borrow boxes from the cardboard room in the veterans hospital!

in celebration, my four new croissants (with fancy new berets) are having a party in their new pastry bag home :

Sunday, August 5, 2007

pop art to plush

I haven't taken any new photos of my patisseries so until I do, I found some other neat photos of art while browsing Pop Art by Richard Leslie....

Object (Le Dejeuner en fourrure)
Meret Oppenheim, 1936

Pastry Case, 1
Claes Oldenburg, 1961-62

Floor Cake (Giant Piece of Cake)
Claes Oldenburg, 1962

Still Life Painting, 30
Tom Wesselmann, 1936

as far as MY crafts/arts go... I've stained little toasty faces on the creme brulees and started a batch of 4 pain au chocolats. I also went to the craft store yesterday and bought a lot of supplies, leaving me with only about 6 square feet of floor space in my room... hopefully my new place will give me a little more room and I can assign a corner to be studio-esque and hope that corner doesn't take over the entire efficiency.

Also news : put some of my fav links up, AND got 15 hours of sleep last night.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Little Frenchies


with a beret....

or a little heart.

Face printed with gocco black fabric ink.
Measures 8 x 6.5 inches (mini croissants are currently in planning...).
Made from my own design, out of felt and polyester fiberfill stuffing.

Selling on my etsy!