Friday, February 15, 2008


First, I know this blog is basically dead, but it's because I haven't been doing plush things so there has been nothing relevant to post. That is, until TODAY! Or, well, yesterday too I guess.

So, I'm not sure which news is BIGGER so I'll just go in chronological order. First, yesterday, I officially purchased the domain name which, I'd like to announce, is the future name of poor lost bread (in the works still). But yes, I"m working on it! So I should hopefully have a nice fancy website by mid summer (July 1st is MY personal deadline).

SECOND, I got accepted to the PLUSH YOU show this year at Schmancy in October! SO EXCITED! I can send 3 items and I'm super excited because it's perfect timing to show off my new name and my new idea (or "vision") of plush, along with some of my poor lost bread classics (don't worry!).

Anyway, I miss sewing so much, but the future seems very promising and I can't wait until the summer! Oh, and France is going quite well too! Today we went to the beach and I found a star fish....


meg said...

congratulations! and I can't wait to see what's in the works!

Softie Gal said...

hi! i'm a big fan of yours. my sister purchased a baguette from you and gave it to me for christmas. i'm hoping you will open your etsy shop again because i really want a crossaint! but keep doing what you are doing and congrats on all the recent achievements!